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Medicinal Herb Handbook (E-Book)

Medicinal Herb Handbook (E-Book)

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Are you interested in natural remedies and curious about the healing powers of herbs?

Look no further than the "Medicinal Herb Handbook: A Beginner's Guide"!

Useful for the layperson and the expert.  This comprehensive guide offers an introduction to the world of medicinal herbs, with easy-to-understand explanations and practical tips for incorporating them into your daily life.  
Inside, you'll find detailed descriptions of over 80 common medicinal herbs, including their uses, preparation methods, and potential benefits. Learn how they can be used to treat various ailments, from headaches to digestive issues to anxiety.  
Plant medicine is one of the oldest forms of healing, and it offers us a powerful way to help restore balance to our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. In this easy-to-use handbook, I offer my best tips for using herbs – from growing them to crafting your herbal remedies.  
Order your copy of the "Medicinal Herb Handbook: A Beginner's Guide" today and start your journey towards natural wellness!  
Take control of your health!  

Written by Chef Kerry Prince 



"ALLERGY AID  Use this for hay fever and seasonal allergy symptoms of runny nose and watery eyes.  Useful for pollen and animal allergies but no side effects like common antihistamines.
 Yerba Santa Dries up and organizes the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory system.
Nettles Helps the body produce natural antihistamine due to its high chlorophyll count.
Eyebright Reduces eye irritation and nose secretions.
Mormon Tea Shrinks swollen tissue in the nose."

"Don’t just refer to this book and other sources when something is wrong or doesn’t feel right.  Adaptogens and other nutritive herbs can help you perform “routine maintenance” that can help stave off illness and disease when accompanied with a healthy lifestyle."
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