About Me

 I am a creative and adventurous artist with a passion for feeding people.


I credit my parents and grandmother as the spark of my culinary passion. Originally hailing from North Carolina and a large family; the kitchen has always been a haven of love and comfort.

Spurred by the link of family health history in relation to diet and my own 50 pound weight loss; I have dedicated myself to finding healthy alternatives to the delicious staples I grew up with in the South.  Leading me also to learn about the healing properties of fruits, vegetable and herbs.  After years of gathering information, taking classes and speaking with elders...I decided to put it all in one place. 

My Medicinal Herb Handbook is a great beginner for the novice and tool for the seasoned.  Be sure to pick up your copy today!

I relocated to Los Angeles in 2013 where I quickly immersed myself in the vast culinary landscape.  I have since gone on to appear on Season 6 of Fox’s MasterChef finishing as a Top 12 finalist.